freelance SEO Consultant for b2B saas

Helping SaaS companies get more qualified traffic, sales and revenue through
conversion-focused SEO and content marketing

How i can help

A flexible approach

Most of the work done to your website is a 1-time action. You shouldn’t have to pay for the time waiting for your website to climb search results.

Whether that’s completing technical SEO work, creating an SEO strategy, or helping you create blog content to generate more MRR for your SaaS.

No more long-term contracts or monthly “retainers.”

Technical SEO

Build the foundation you need to put your site on the path to organic growth.

SEO Strategy

Get the details you need to understand how to reach your organic goals.

Content Marketing

Conversion focused content that will engage your readers and drive traffic from search.

Health Checks

Technical and content audits to help you understand your growth opportunities.


My availability is quite limited. I only work with SaaS companies that meet certain criteria. Which means you’re ready to:

  • Invest in your blog and organic growth
  • Implement a conversion-focused SEO content marketing strategy
  • Work with an SEO and Content Marketing partner, not a vendor or agency.
  • You have a monthly budget of ~ $10,000 

This depends on what you need. But I only work with SaaS companies who are serious about SEO and content — and have at least a monthly budget of ~ $10,000. 

If I can help, and you seem like a good fit, I’ll get in touch to set up a Zoom call. I’ll also share a short questionnaire to get the necessary details to help me with your SEO and content strategy.

Work with me